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International Soloist

David was born in Durham, England in 1982. His early musical education consisted of playing in local colliery bands with his father, Robert, conducting. He took his Bachelor in Music at Huddersfield University and post-graduate at the Royal Northern College of Music. Before moving to Norway in 2011,David played solo cornet in Fodens, Faireys and Grimethorpe Brass Bands, highlights being a British Open win in 2008 with Fodens and touring America with Grimethorpe in 2003. In 2011, David made a conscious decision to try his hand at playing Principal Cornet, first with Molde Brass Band, Norway. This later lead to him playing Principal Cornet with Faireys Band and Wallberg Band before being offered the Principal Cornet seat with Eikanger Bjørsvik Musikklag in 2014. Since joining Eikanger, David has won the NM twice and lead the band to 1st place in the Own-Choice section of the European Brass Band championships in 2015. David is a Besson Artist and is engaged to Birgitte Bjørnsdatter Bruget, solo trombone of Manger Musikklag.

About the Besson Sovereign Plus.

„The Besson Sovereign 928GT is an instrument I am very proud to have been involved in the development of, and an instrument which I am absolutely positive is going to be a huge success. It is essentially an upgraded version of the instrument everyone agreed was one of the best on the market during the 1990s. It has the innate Besson sound and build quality, excellent intonation and with the trigger has the flexibility needed to play modern test pieces and solos. I played this cornet at the NM contest with Eikanger Bjørsvik this year and on my recent trip to Birmingham Conservatoire, all of the feedback. I have had so far has been extremely positive. I believe the instrument will be on the market very soon, I recommend all cornet players to give it a blow. I am sure you will be impressed!“

Sovereign 928G
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