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Sovereign 967

The Sovereign 967 and 968 and the 967T and 968T euphoniums with their lively response, „classic“ BESSON tone and wonderful valve action are known and trusted by players all over the world. The Sovereign euphoniums are slightly lighter in weight than the Prestige models, providing a very open and free-blowing feel with an immediacy of response that appeals to many musicians. All the Sovereign models are large bore four-valve compensating instruments, with the bell size of the 968 slightly smaller than the 967.

The new family member is the 967T which is the classic 967 model with a new addition: the famous tuning slide trigger from the Prestige euphonium, giving increased control over all aspects of the tuning and slightly darkening the tone. This model is proving to be a very exciting and popular addition to the Besson range. Sovereign euphoniums have a facility and versatility that make them highly sought-after, and like all the Besson brass range, have benefited greatly from developments in valve technology since production commenced in Germany.

Technische Daten

  • Key : Bb
  • Model : Sovereign
  • Bell : 12" yellow brass / 304 mm
  • Bore : .590" / 14,98 mm
  • Waterkeys : 3
  • Valves : 4 compensating valves (3+1)
  • Weight : 10lb 8oz / 4700g
  • Features : Removable watercatcher
  • Finish : Clear lacquer finish or silver plated finish
  • Options :
  • BE967-1 : Clear lacquer finish
  • BE967-2 : Silver plated finish
  • BE967T-1 : With main tuning slide trigger package, clear lacquer finish
  • BE967T-2 : With main tuning slide trigger package, silver plated finish finish
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