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Professional musicians and discerning amateurs, prepare to redefine your expectations with the all-new Besson Sovereign BE969 euphonium. Designed to offer an unparalleled playing experience, this instrument embodies the pinnacle of quality and innovation. This new model has been develloped with the help of the international renowed soloiste, DAVID CHILDS, who wanted to create an instrument that would satisfy the demands of players looking for a versatile and lighter euphonium.


The BE969 has been designed to be lighter, providing you with optimal maneuverability without compromising sound quality. Each note resonates with clarity and richness that will captivate your audience, allowing you to play longer with less fatigue.


The new ergonomic leadpipe is positioned for increased playing comfort. Whether you are performing or rehearsing, you will appreciate how easy it is to hold and play this euphonium.


The Besson Sovereign BE969 comes with 6 leadpipe adaptors, allowing you to customize and adjust the playing feel to your preferences. Whether you seek a quick response or increased resistance, you will find the perfect setup for your playing style.


Because every musician deserves an instrument that allows them to express their art without constraints. The Besson Sovereign BE969 is not only a valuable choice but also a reliable partner for all your performances. With its lightness, superior ergonomics, and customization possibilities, it will meet all your demands and exceed your expectations. Join the community of musicians who have chosen excellence with the new Besson Sovereign BE969 euphonium. Because your music deserves the best.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Bore : .590” ( 14,98 mm )
  • Hand-made bell in yellow brass
  • Bell diameter : 11,5” ( 292mm )
  • Weight : 10lb 4oz ( 4 650 g )
  • Ergonomical : leadpipe, 6 leadpipe adaptors, 4 compensating valves ( 3+1 ), 3 waterkeys
  • Finishes : clear lacquer or bright silverplate
  • OPTION : Trigger
  • CASE : ABS plastic
  • BE969-1 : Lacquer
  • BE969-2 : Silverplated
  • BE969T-1 : with trigger, Lacquer
  • BE969T-2 : with trigger, Silverplated
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