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Student 100XL Trumpet

The Besson 100XL Bb trumpet is designed with the new student in mind. Its host of features and quality ensures a great foundation from the start. Ease of response and excellent intonation help the student build confidence and add character to their playing. The 100XL is a solid instrument from which to learn and grow. With its features and quality, it will help the young brass player develop musically and allow a rewarding experience.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Bell : 5" yellow brass bell
  • Bore : .459
  • Waterkeys : 2 lever-style, forged
  • Valves : Stainless steel top sprung pistons
  • Finish : Clear lacquer or bright silverplate
  • Case : Single hard-wood, stackable
  • Accessories : Mouthpiece, cleaning cloth
  • Features : 1st valve thumb saddle, adjustable 3rd valve slide ring, cornet-style point-to-point bracing
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